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View From the Road
A Trucker’s Life
Jun 28, 2007, 11:23

I have completed my first complete week of work at my new job. Monday morning at 12:15 AM  I left out on my first run.   I jumped in a truck and headed for Miami. At 6AM I would deliver one stop of three in the northwest part of the city.

It has been probably close to 10 years since I have been there, so this was a quick refresher in delivering there. By 1 PM, I had completed all my drops. I stopped for lunch and a short nap. I called in and was given my pick up information for my trip back.

I would pick up a load of canned and bottled beverages to deliver the next morning in Winter Haven. After the pick up, I crawled into the sleeper bunk for a well deserved sleep.

Later that evening after my much needed sleep and traffic had calmed down,  I headed up I-95 towards my delivery point.

The next morning, my delivery complete, one more pick up and then back to our terminal, off to Orlando and then back.

That gives you an idea of what type of schedule is kept by a local truck driver. That was just Tuesday afternoon. After a day off this starts all over again. Each day, a new delivery and new pick ups. Different cities and different loads.
Many people wonder how things get to your favorite store. Well every night people like me  are driving in the wee hours making it all possible.
I won’t give you the details of the entire week, but I think you get the picture. The return trips seem to be more entertaining for me. Usually they are in the daylight hours, and there is more to see.

On the Florida Turnpike Tuesday I saw a doe deer and her fawn along the highway eating and watching the cars and trucks go by. What a pretty sight.
 That was just my second day on the job; imagine what lies ahead in the weeks to come. Everyday is a new adventure.

I am getting settled into my new surroundings, finding the stores and the different places I will need to know about. My evening motorcycle rides will be my research trips. I look forward to finding a church and a YMCA, so that I can make some new friends and get some needed exercise after sitting in the truck most of the week. I do walk around the truck stops and rest areas, but there is no social life there.

Week two  begins tomorrow morning, my “View From The Road” has already taken on a fresh look.

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