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Where In South Hillsborough?
Where In South Hillsborough?
By Mitch Traphagen
Apr 19, 2007, 20:15

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There is good news and bad news for the owners of the Keep It Green Nursery on U.S. 41 and Big Bend Road in Apollo Beach.  The good news is that a lot of people recognized the nursery from the photo last week.  The bad news is that few people actually knew the name of it. 

But since this isn’t “Name That Place in South Hillsborough” all answers are cheerfully accepted. 

Among those who recognized it were Priscilla Chase (it is a neat place – and I will definitely look forward to that cookie recipe!), Vickie St. John (the suns are cool – thanks for the note), Whitney Caez (thanks for the additional info), Rick Howe (knew the name of the place!), Marilyn Caisse, Rose Wolfe, Fay Fletcher, Robin Greenwood (I am SO jealous – and yes, we’ll try to be there on the 22nd), Laura Angier (who also knew the name) and Bill Galbreath (OK, maybe I need to rethink, he knew the name, too).  Finally, Ina Statzer had no idea where it was, but wanted to know.  She has since been briefed. 

This week we have water.  Most everything in this area is about the water – but much of it is the salty kind.  In this place, however, there are both flavors – and judging by the number of people seen filling up jugs, the non-salty variety must be pretty good.  Where it comes from, I have no idea – so bonus points for anyone who can fill me in (no, the points won’t lead to a new car – just more respect and admiration). 

Where in South Hillsborough is this? 

Send your best guess to 210 Woodland Estates Avenue, S.W., Ruskin, FL, 33570 or email

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