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Community In Focus
Coming Soon In The Observer News: Community In Focus
By Brenda Knowles, Observer News Editor & Publisher
Nov 24, 2006, 21:25

Observer News Photojournalist Mitch Traphagen
Over the past year we’ve received hundreds of letters and emails about our feature, Where In South Hillsborough.  Several of those letters have mentioned how much people enjoy seeing some of the places around our communities.  And that drives home a point that there is much in our area that flies under the radar. 

There are a great deal of interesting people and places for which there are no press releases or news reports.  From that viewpoint comes Community In Focus, a twice monthly feature in the Observer News, SCC Observer and Riverview Current. 

With few exceptions, there will be no large news cameras and no formal interviews - just slices of life here in our little corner of the world.  
But they will be slices of life to show the wonderful, interesting and unique place that is South Hillsborough. 

Of course, we’ll still try to keep you guessing with Where In South Hillsborough - but we’ll also try to keep you informed - and make you feel proud - with Community In Focus.

If you know of someone - or something - special in our area, please let us know.  Write to us at 210 Woodland Estates Avenue, S.W., Ruskin, FL, 33570 or email

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