This Season is a Time for Miracles

By Bill Hodges

2003 Hodges Seminars International

Whatever your faith may be, there is ample evidence that this time of year is a season of miracles.  I've watched the hardest heart melt and the miserly become generous as they responded to the message of peace on earth, good will toward men.

One Christmas Eve during World War I, the opposing troops began calling greetings to each other across the no man's land that separated their trenches.  A shaky trust began to develop and slowly, almost on a man-for-man basis, a truce was called.  Finally, all the trenches emptied and the enemies celebrated Christmas Eve together.

They shared their meager rations and exchanged stories of holidays past.  Christmas Day found them back in their own trenches and on guard for the possibility of attack - an attack that never came because the officers and men on both sides refused to fire on the friends they had made on Christmas Eve.  The battle could not be resumed until each side brought in fresh troops who had not experienced the Christmas miracle.

If armies can refuse to fight - and I think you must agree that is a miracle - what other miracles can we hope for during this season?  I guess it depends on what is needed.  It always amazes me how many doors swing open when I begin looking for open doors.  Sometimes it's scary to pursue a miracle.  I'm not sure I would have wanted to be the first one to lift my head from the safety of the trench and venture into the no man's land, but if no one had, there would have been no miracle.

What trench do you have to lift yourself from?  If your personal trench is alcohol or drug abuse, there are many phone numbers in the telephone book that offer counseling.  Many are 24-hour numbers and most are toll-free.  I know this particular season can be tough on those who have an alcohol problem, because everywhere you go, Christmas spirit seems to come in bottles marked Jim Beam and Johnny Walker, but those are the bullets you have to dodge to get out of the trench and call a cease fire.  Know you are not alone - one call to Alcoholics Anonymous will bring a mighty army to your side.

If you are buried by abuse - either as the abused or the abuser - there can be a miracle waiting for you if you are only willing to climb out of the trench and take a chance on that no man's land formed by the safety net of our numerous public and privately operated social agencies.  It seems that there is a support group for every possible problem.  Abuse is passed from generation to generation.  Think what a lasting miracle it would be for generations yet unborn if you break the abuse cycle now.

Whatever your problem, look for the miracle.  Act on what you see and believe it will happen.  This is the time for miracles.

I wish one for you.

Bill Hodges is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and syndicated columnist. Hodges may be reached at Hodges Seminars International, P.O. Box 89033, Tampa, FL 33689-0400. Phone 813/641-0816.

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