Only So Many Ways Home

By Dale Morrow

Traveling back and forth to work this time of the year, I often try to change the route. The holidays bring change to our roadways with decorations, new items displayed for sale and notices of special events and entertainment available for the season.

Noticing all these things enables me to share with others what I have noticed on my journeys. Since these days are meant for sharing, my level of spirit is also shared.

Getting older sometimes dilutes my excitement, so I need all the help I can get to really enjoy this time of the year.

I will probably be getting home a little later for the next few week. There are only so many ways home. I will be making some serious detours if I want my "View From The Road" to be interesting.

Writing this article reminds me of the song Roy Rogers and Dale Evans used to close their television show. (Happy trails to you, until we meet again.)

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