We Can Learn From Our Pets

By Dale Morrow

I have written in the past about my dog George. He is a handsome, 125 pound Rottweiler. The cool weather has made him much more playful and adventuresome.

We live in the city where you wouldn't think there is much wildlife. In the last several weeks George has located and harassed a family of raccoons and a family of possums. This is all in the confines of our double lot in Seminole Heights. It appears that the many trees and older frame homes that are built up off the ground provide plenty of cover for them. Their nocturnal activity is what captured my dogs attention.

After talking to my neighbors it appears that there is large population of wildlife throughout the neighborhood. The abundance of food and shelter has provided a good habitat for them.

So far it has not created any big problem, but I suspect that with the absence of any natural predators the population may exceed a reasonable amount. I am not sure what will be the remedy with be, but I know my dog George is interested in participating. His interest in these animals has revitalized him, the passive, lazy personality has changed into an active curious hunter. Some may not agree that this is a good thing, but it is surely a natural thing. I am glad to see him excited about something once again.

Sometimes we can learn from our pets. It is good for all of us to get excited about something, it brings vitality back into our lives.

My "View From The Road" includes my dog hearing the call of the wild.

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