Finding a Career on the Web

By Kenny Williams

Every time I pass by the Ringhaver building on I-75, I reflect on my dream of selling heavy equipment and being part of something as cool as CAT Diesel. The other day I had an epiphany of sorts and decided that I was not doing myself any good (or Ringhaver for that matter) by dreaming.

In the same thought I decided to see what job openings they had available by visiting their website. I was pleased to find out that their employment section was very easy to navigate through and better yet, there were a few openings in the sales department. As I was filling out their online application I thought about a past column where I discussed online job search sites. I decided that after filling out the Ringhaver application I would pay a visit to some employment sites, update my resume, and maybe get a job selling heavy equipment. I visited a bunch of websites and found many to be quite easy to use and seemingly effective. The parts I seemed to gain the most from on these sites were the ones relating to carrier advice and job seeking tips and tricks.

Here is a rundown on some of the sites that I feel were the most useful. The site that blew me away was Americaís Job Bank located at When we checked with AJB, it contained over 1 million job listings and a little more than 650,000 resumes. Although you donít have to sign up for the siteís free membership to search its online database by city and job title, opening an account lets you post your resume and automatically search new postings for positions that interest you. Employers can post job openings or search online resumes. The site doesnít have a lot of articles or content aside from its large job database, but I canít imagine anyone complaining. After all, they are looking for a job, not for something to read.

Another great site is located at has a Job Search feature that provides an easy and quick way to search approximately 75 Web sites at once. You can specify a state, the industry you want to work in, and what databases you want to search. You can further tailor your search by specifying a salary or keywords that pertain to the position or field. If youíre looking for a new job, you should definitely register with my You can post your resume and the site automatically searches for new postings for positions that interest you.

Searchable databases include national sites, such as, and regional job databases, such as is located at and it focuses on high-tech jobs. If you have system administration, programming, or other high-tech skills, youíll find a better concentration of jobs postings that fit your skills here. You can search job listings or post your resume. also lists contract and consult work if you donít want to be tied down by a full-time gig. The siteís Announce Availability feature lets you put together a package showcasing your skills and experience. When youíve completed a contracted job, you can announce your availability to other employers. If you need to work on your skill set or resume, youíll find an extensive list of resources in the Career Links section.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to discuss a raise but not knowing how to ask? How about trying to get advice on negotiating a salary with a new company? Well look no further than located at This site provides plenty of resources and information if youíre looking to climb the corporate ladder. The site includes a Salary Calculator that lets you compare cost of living expenses in different parts of the country (that pay raise you get for moving across the country may not be worth it). Youíll also find a handful of links to other sites that offer particular information for anyone looking for a new job.

Of course, the usual job database and resume posting features are also available., located at, is one of the few Internet companies that have done a great job of branding. When I think of online job-hunting, is one of the first sites that comes to my mind. When I checked in on the site, I found more than 450,000 jobs listed in fields ranging from high-tech to financial and administrative. If your new job requires relocating, Monster Moving can help you organize your move. My Monster lets you personalize for your particular interests.

How does your compensation compare with your peersí salaries? Well, go to and use their tools to help you evaluate your compensation. The Salary Calculator lets you specify a location and a job position. You can then generate a report showing how your salary compares to others in your field and in your part of the country. You can also compare your salary to the national average or see what your peers in another part of the country are making.

SalaryTrax lets you take into account benefits, such as time off, stock options, pension plans, and other intangibles beyond base pay. Youíll also find articles providing tips and advice to help you prepare for your performance evaluation.

If anyone has a suggestion that will get me in the door for an interview at Ringhaver, I will reward them with a free hour of computer lessons.

If you have any questions or comments or would like computer lessons I can be reached at

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