By Ron Wolfe

Today I want to tell you a fish story and itís all true!

Its a Friday afternoon and Iím seated next to the computer and about to put the finishing touches on another busy week. Suddenly, the phone rings and my son Michael says, "Dad, would you like to go fishing?"

Now if you knew my son, you would label him an avid fisherman who prides himself in always catching the biggest and the most fish on every outing. I have to admit that more often than not, he does.

My response, "Iím busy on Saturday and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing on Monday night, so Iím available on Sunday."

My son, "Great, letís get an early start. I want to show you my new GPS locator that will take us right to the grouper spot. I guarantee that youíll catch a grouper!"

My response, "This sounds good but what is a GPS locator and how can you guarantee that Iíll catch a grouper?"

His response, "Dad, Iíve been given three secret locations about 14 miles out of Tarpon Springs where large grouper are located. My new GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System will take us right over the spots."

My response, "This sounds too good to be true. How can I refuse such an invitation? If you have room for one more fisherman, Iíd like to invite my son-in-law Steve."

His response, "We do have room for Steve. If he comes, would you ask him to bring his cast net so we can catch some live bait on the way out? Iíll supply the sardines and squid."

On Saturday, Steve and I got our fishing gear in good shape, with special emphasis on our stiff grouper gear. Michael checked out his boat and navigational instruments, in addition to his fishing gear. We agreed to meet Michael at the boat ramp in Tarpon Springs at 6 a.m. Sunday.

Next week I will continue with this fish story. Remember Ė itís all true!

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