Be a Guest Instead of a Host

By Dale Morrow

Alas, my prayers were answered. My family and I were invited to my nephew’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. This year I am prepared to be a guest instead of a host. The hours of preparation will rest on the shoulders of someone else.

This year, the plan was to let someone else plan. It is working and I am so delighted. Years of being responsible are over, at least temporarily. Now, if can make it work for Christmas too.

I intend to take full advantage of the freedom to socialize and get caught up on all my friends and family’s news. That was probably my biggest regret about being the host. I probably tried just a little too hard to make everything wonderful and in the process missed out on a lot of the fun.

For the first time for several years I am really looking forward to holiday meals and parties. Everyone should take a break from hosting once in a while.

When you are reading this I will be enjoying my Thanksgiving weekend to the fullest.

I am hoping that your "View From The Road" will be as glorious as mine.

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