Planning is Crucial

By Dale Morrow

The change in the weather has finally happened. I have written several times about this so it is obvious that the temperature plays an important role in my life.

The type of business I am involved with is effected by weather, so that influence is easily explained. I believe a great number of us are influenced emotionally by the changes in climate.

The television news devotes a lot of time and importance to this subject. I must not be alone in this feeling. Our daily lives, work, recreation and finances are influenced daily. The tourism industry is directly connected.

When I lived at home with my parents I never understood why they were always so interested in the weather report. Now that I have thought about it, I recognize what the big deal was. Planning, that is what it is all about. Now that I understand, I have realized I am getting old. When I was young, I was more free spirited and just took each day as it came. Time is more precious now, planning is crucial.

I think my "View From The Road" this week is a bit too philosophical. It is time to lighten up.

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