If You're Not Catching Fish - Move

By Jonie Maschek

Seems everyone is looking for fish, including my cat, Gizmo. She loves to climb above the water to watch the fish jump.

I’ve noticed lots of pelicans coming to my house for a handout. When we or the neighbors clean fish, they arrive from everywhere.

In my home state of Washington, along the Pacific Coast, the sea lions are waiting for salmon.

If you are an angler looking for fish, I suggest wearing Polarized glasses.

Polarized glass cut the glare that the Florida sun shines upon the waterways and will enable you to see several feet below.

Another sure way to find fish is to hire a fishing captain that knows the waterways.

Get acquainted with your neighbor, he might be an expert fisherman.

Go to the local bait shops and talk with people stopping for bait or ask the owner of the shops where the fish are.

Go online and find weather, the best fishing spots and where they are.

If one spot doesn’t produce fish, don’t stay there all day, move!

Watch the birds, they travel with a school of fish.

Try different baits, artificial or fresh. If one doesn’t work the other might.

Watch the water depth, know what you are fishing for and where that fish might be in a hole, rocks, grass flats or in a school.

Have the correct pole for saltwater or freshwater.

A Plant City angler told me, “You never fish when the cows are laying down, cause the fish just won’t bite.”

A pioneer of Ruskin told me, “If there is a ring around the moon, don’t think of going fishing.”

I met a few anglers that only fish when the tide is right.

One person told me, “Now if the water is smooth as glass, you know there is no fish out there so don’t waste your time.”

A Gibsonton anglers says, “You must fish with the moon, if it is full - fishing is great, all the way up to a quarter moon, after that, don’t go fishing.

“If there is a wind blowing, best forget going fishing. There is no way you can cast into that wind and all you will do is tangle up the line.”

Never fish if there are hurricane warnings or during an electrical storm.

Then I hear from pioneers who tell us that when their daddy was fishing the Little Manatee River the fish were so thick that you didn’t have to fish, ’cause they just jumped into the boat.

Redfish catches are abundant. I hear that some are too large for keepers and others are too small.
Sheepshead are great catches around the piers.

The king mackerel are on the run about 40 miles out in the Bay. Mangrove snapper are jumping in the channels.

Trout are feeding in the flats.

Tarpon are coming in closer around the Bay glowing in the moonlight.

Snook are playing hide-n-seek in big holes and mangroves.

Flounder are waking up and surfacing and cobia are roaming around.

Commit yourself to ethical fishing as the future of the sport depends on it.

I hope anglers help increase the fish through catch and release.

Limit your take and don’t always take your limit.

Observe regulations and report violators.

Bring back garbage from fishing trips.

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