A Vision of Friendship, What a Blessing!

By Dale Morrow

The tree farm that I work for had a booth at the home show at the State Fair Grounds last weekend. We took a good representation of trees along with a Tiki hut and bar that we manufacture and sell. It is always very hectic the week leading up to these events, this time was no different. A rush to load the trucks and get the booth set up is always expected.

Everything went smooth enough this time.  Now we get ready for the crowd. The event was successful for us. We took names for appointments to do landscaping, build Tiki huts and to install trees.

The shows always generate new business for us every time we attend. This year there was an added bonus. We made some new friends. The booth next to us was run by two young men who were selling highly crafted lawn furniture and decorations that they brought from their home in Lancaster, Pa. For those of you who don't know, it is an area that is home to a large Amish community. These two young men were Amish. The products were wonderful as well as the gentlemen who brought them to Tampa. The people of that area are known for the craftsmanship and quality of everything they do. This definitely was reflected in the products and their character. Needless to say, we are now in the lawn furniture business, too.

It was so refreshing to meet these two young men and the gentleman who accompanied them. Polite, honest, and cheerful are only a few of the adjectives that describe them. I believe that we have acquired some new long time friends. One can never have too many of them!

My "View From the Road" has the vision of friendship in it this week, what a blessing.

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