Dog Free!

By Dale Morrow

Well, everything has gotten back to normal around here. My family is back and the dogs have returned to their home.

The photos and stories of the adventure in Spain are still being shared. A great time was had by both my wife and my son. There is already talk of a return trip.

From all I can figure, the best time was getting to know cousins and other relatives. A few communication problems were overcome and then things went smoothly. Anytime you can connect with relatives and share information it almost always turns out good.

The sites were beautiful and the pictures captured a view for me. It was an adventure that I am so pleased for my wife and son to share.

As life returns to normal, I can start back on my projects, dog free! I would have never thought that two extra dogs to deal with would have such an impact on my productivity. I am grateful for my family’s safe return and the departure of my canine friends.

My "View From The Road" is just a little more tranquil these days. 

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