Our Town Riverview:
Young Champions of the Dirt

By Mitch Traphagen (mitch@observernews.net)

It takes a moment to discover that the two young men from Riverview are not ordinary children. They are conversational and they are confident. And while they may not be tall enough to operate a soda machine, they have already proven themselves to be champions. Dalton Myers, pictured above left, won the the four to six-year-old 51cc championship at the Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals in August. His riding mate, Zachary Duchaine, pictured above right, placed fifth in the same class. "Iíve been riding since I was two!" said Myers. When asked about what came first, a bicycle or motorcycle, he said, "I canít ride a bike yet, I can only ride a dirt bike." The two boys clearly demonstrate ability and a sense of responsibility towards riding which belies their young age and the results of their hard work speak volumes. At right the boys demonstrate their skills making their dirt bikes fly. Myers is pictured left and Duchaine is pictured right.

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