Amazing Discoveries

By Karey Burek

The littlest sea horse is now a reality.  Instead of being just a storybook for kids, the littlest sea horse can be found in the ocean, if you can see it that is!  Denise’s pygmy sea horse is peach-colored little marine creature that was found in the Indonesian reefs. It is so small, that it is only five-eighths of an inch long, which is smaller than a dime. It is the smallest species in the world, and it was discovered by underwater photographer Denise Tackett.  She was the first person to ever document the pygmy seahorse.  Experts believed at first that these little guys were babies, but later discovered they were full-grown.  This is an amazing finding, because it proves that there is still so much we have yet to discover!

Another awesome animal is the green and black poison frog.  These little tropical frogs have bitter chemicals in their skin that repel snakes and other predators.  The chemical toxins come from the insects that the frogs eat!  Scientists have recently discovered that these frogs can multiply the power of their toxins.  Using an enzyme in their bodies, green and black poison frogs and two other species transmute the bitter chemicals into something five times stronger, which they store on their skin. The toxins are currently being tested to see if they have any kind of potential in helping cure human ailments! 

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