Let the Planning Begin

By Dale Morrow

We are fast approaching the most busy time of the year. Likely, some of you have started to organize. Good planning can make the next couple of months more bearable.

I am not so sure what I will do about planning. I think I will let everyone else handle the details this year. I will probably keep a low profile and just enjoy the holidays one at a time. In the past, I took a leadership role, thinking if I were involved things would go so much more smoothly. I am not so convinced that I was correct in that assumption.

This year I will be a participant but not a planner. The enjoyment level will surely be greater, at least that is my hope. Finding the perfect date to suit everyone is such a challenge. Someone always feels left out.

I am looking ahead to the next three months with the thought of pure relaxation and enjoyment. Let the planning begin, you set the time and place. If it is convenient for me, then you will see me there, if not I won't feel left out.

My lack of planning makes my "View From The Road" very exciting. 

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