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East Bay High School

The East Bay Indians fell hard on the road in a surprising 24-0 loss to Plant City. Perhaps the biggest loss of the evening, however, occurred in the third quarter when Indians starting quarterback Brandon Zachery suffered a broken leg at the end of a 26 yard run.

"He broke both bones in his lower leg," said Indians head coach Brian Thornton on Monday. "He had surgery on Friday and is home. He came to practice today on crutches."

The incident marks the first major varsity injury in Thorntonís career. "Itís the only broken leg weíve had with a varsity athlete in all my years of coaching," said Thornton.

According to Thornton, the injury is similar to the one suffered by Riverview running back Tyrone McKenzie during the second game of the season last year. McKenzie has come back from his injury consistently racking up 200 yards in a game.

"Zach is a great kid and heís doing fine," said Thornton.

The quarterback for Fridayís game against Brandon will likely be running back Billy McPhaul who is recovering from a sprained ankle.

The game will be played in Brandon.

Riverview High School

The Sharks roared back from trailing 14-7 at the half to decisively beat the Brandon Eagles 28-17 at home in Riverview.

Sharks running back Tyrone McKenzie was one of the stars of the game rushing for more than 200 yards and racking up all four Riverview touchdowns. His first touchdown was in the first half on a 53 yard run.

Brandon took to the air during the first half and capitalized on Riverview turnovers. The second half, however, was dominated by the Sharks who held the line on the Eagles running and passing game. Sharks running back Cecil Coltrane also had a good evening rushing for 115 yards.

On Friday it will be a battle of Riverview vs. Riverview as the Sharks travel to Sarasota-Riverview High School.

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