I Am A Very Popular Guy

By Dale Morrow

My wife and son have left for Spain! Now what kind of things do I plan to do while they are gone. It is not like I lack for projects around the house.

There has been an addition of two dogs that belong to my son into my household, plus the family dog George, who by the way is not too thrilled with the new guests. All are well mannered but jealous. I am a very popular guy around the house. All of them feel a need to accompany me to every room and seek out my attention. Every time I take a step I trip over one of the dogs. It is hard to make much progress on anything with them under foot.

Now, three dogs need to be fed, watered, walked and allotted individual special time. This added responsibility has cut into my time, and they are relentless in their quest for attention. But, I will survive, even if I must forego some of the projects.

After I am through writing this article I plan to organize the dog duties, so that I can get a few things accomplished.

They are all good dogs, I would enjoy each one more, one at a time. My "View From the Road" includes a lot of fur and paws for about a week and a half. 


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