Making a World of Difference

By Karey Burek

Teachers and students across the country are invited to join Animals Asia Foundation and make a world of difference for animals and people in Asia, in honor of national Make a Difference Day.  Students will have the chance to participate in an international ground breaking rescue effort for endangered Asiatic Black Bears, otherwise known as Moon Bears because of their golden crescent on their chests.

So what can a dollar buy these days?  Well, if you are a bear, a few dollars can buy a lot!  If you are a teacher or student you can start by making a difference in the classroom.  Create a collection box to leave in your classroom to raise money for the bears.  Just five dollars buys a tub of honey or raisins for the rescued bears, $12 buys food for a week for one bear.  $40 can buy a hanging basket for the bears to lounge around in, and if a classroom raises $60 they can befriend a bear--the class will receive a photo and story of their rescued bear.

You can e-mail the Animals Asia web site ( to your friends and family so they can get involved too. Write a letter to the Chinese President asking him to end bear farming and support bear rescues.

"Animals Asia Foundation is the only organization on the ground in China rescuing endangered Moon Bears from bile farms where 7,000 are imprisoned in cages no longer than their own bodies for decades.  The bile is used in traditional medicines.  Animals Asia Foundation has rescued 85 bears and they need your help to care for these bears.  These bears can never be released back into the wild because they are either missing paws, legs, teach and claws due to life on the farms or they were captured as cubs before they learned survival skills." Animals Asia Foundation

AAF is expecting 30 more bears in November!

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