An Adventure Into The Past

By Dale Morrow

In the next several weeks my wife and son are going on a trip to Spain. She has family there. Her grandparents on her fathers side immigrated here in the 30s and she has never had the opportunity to visit their home in the old country until now.

My wife and son have been planning the trip for quite a while. Every detail has been checked to insure that nothing is overlooked in the plan. The excitement is building around our home as the time draws near for departure.

The expenses are very affordable this time of year, I was surprised how reasonably you can travel to Spain. My son has been able to make most of the ground travel arrangements over the Internet, so our hopes are that they will get there with everything in order.

It is nice that they will be able to travel into their family beginnings, enjoy some sights and take in the culture. I am pleased that this opportunity came along.

My ancestry is from the British Isles (Scotch-Irish), maybe I will make a trip like this in the near future.

My "View From The Road" this week is, watching my family prepare for an adventure into the past.


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