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Building Character With Words

By Mitch Traphagen (mitch@observernews.net)

RUSKIN - Concepts like Respectful, Responsible, and Self-Discipline are not necessarily inherent in children. Rather, they are concepts that are taught.

Ruskin Elementary School is asking the community to assist them in teaching these important concepts to students by displaying the words on marquees throughout the area.

Through this program, businesses and organizations can demonstrate to children that such character traits are not merely things discussed in school - they are traits that are important to everyone in the community.

The program provides the opportunity for children to see and discuss character traits beyond the grounds of the school, taking the concepts into their everyday lives.

Dickman Realty, the Maranatha Church of God, Hardees of Ruskin, the Ruskin Chamber of Commerce and other organizations have displayed the character words on their marquees. The Ruskin McDonald’s has also strongly supported the program.

Also, as with last year, the Observer News has pledged support by photographing and publishing various marquees once each month in the newspaper. The photographs and accompanying text will include the business or organization name.

The Word of the Month program is one of those rare events that can help to bring a community together for a common good - the education of our children. To top it all off, the program does not require cash donations - just a small amount of time and effort each month.

For information call Sue Chapin at 671-5177.

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