Dreams of a Long Ride

By Dale Morrow

The rain has eased up it seems and now I can adventure out once again on my motorcycle. That little bit of fall breeze is rustling around, so, times a wasting.

Mitch Traphagen, reporter for the Observer News, will be riding and I will be out there too. I donít know if I will write about every ride, but I bet some stories will come of it.

I have dreams of a long ride soon. Every weekend while I am at work I watch the weekend warriors cruise by me down U.S. 301. The roar of the engines and smiles of the riders are very inviting. Just north of Tampa there are some very nice roads to take. A couple of hours riding down a back country road can relieve a great number of everyday tensions. A long ride has different benefits, sights and smells, a brief lunch in a roadside cafe and great solitude to ponder all your thoughts. The destination only need be an old friend far away or a favorite mountain to look from. Sometimes no destination, just the ride is enough.

I am excited just thinking of the possibilities. It is nice to get excited about something once in a while. Especially a trip you can actually take. Well, times a wasting, the next "View From The Road" will probably be from the seat of my motorcycle.

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