What To Do At A Zoo

By Karey Burek

When I think of zoos, I think of places where people go to view animals and become more informed/educated about their plight.  I never imagined a zoo would be a place where people would go to legally hunt animals!  Well, hold on to your hats because in China they thought hunting at their zoo was a good idea.  The Dandong Zoo has suspended its policy of renting out rifles and allowing visitors into special areas where they could shoot the animals.  It was hoped that this "fun" policy would attract visitors.  Apparently, zoo management was surprised that people actually preferred coming to the zoo to see the animals rather than kill them.

In Canada, a woman pleaded guilty and was fined $74 for petting a killer whale in the first case of its kind. Under their current law, she should have been fined 1,000 times that much. The person admitted to petting a three-year-old male orca named Luna who had been separated from his pod. The woman was out whale watching and got a little carried away.  Scientists and marine mammal experts believe that touching or petting a whale could change its behavior patterns and lessen its chances of reuniting with its family.  This woman wasn’t the first to pet little Luna.  There had been reports of people feeding him beer and swimming with him!  The judgment was in an attempt to make a point that wildlife should be left in the wild. I agree with that.

Observer News Front Page