One of the Greatest Treasures in My Life

By Dale Morrow

A good friend of mine is moving from our community. He is moving up into the Tavares  area.  A couple of hours away, but too far to have an impromptu lunch or a glass of tea at our favorite restaurant.

It is always nice to have a friend who shares in your values and interests. This gentleman is a great friend and holds all the values that I cherish. My hopes are that we can still keep contact. The lunches and tea drinking sessions will be farther apart but, when I am at our favorite restaurant I know that he will be there with me.

I write about friendships quite a bit, but I guess I have realized that they are one of the greatest treasures in my life. So it is likely that this subject will occur in my stories many more times.

I will miss him because he brought me a lot of pleasure in our visits. I am sure that some lucky fellow like me in Tavares will be the benefactor of my loss. So long my friend, my "View From The Road," will be a little lonely for a while. 

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