Try Night Fishing - Its Cooler and the Fish are Biting!

By Jonie Maschek

I have seen many boaters out at night. They know that it is cooler and can do some serious fishing. Fish bite at night as well as during the day.

Any fishing trip, be it day or night should begin with a plan before hitting the water. Anyone who doesnít know the waterways should be sure to take someone who does with them before leaving on their trip or purchase a chart of local waterways. Cruise around and find where deep and shallow waters are located. Know where the bridges are, where to buy bait and where to buy fuel.

If planning to fish at night, I hope you check your boat lighting system before venturing out. Also take someone along, family or friend. Donít go out there by yourself. Check your boat for safety and have enough gas to go out, run around on and come back.

I hope if anyone is a night fisherman that they know the waterways or where all of the islands are. People often get lost in the daytime but at night it is much easier. One angler was out there all night and couldnít find his way back. Another stopped at the island for a picnic and had to stay. The tide went out and they couldnít get their boat out until morning.

Iím sure most of you take a cell phone along so you can call a loved one if stranded.

Watch the weather, storms come up very quickly, so be prepared. Wear proper clothing to keep you dry until you get back to shore.

Never fish when it is lightning. I know of a person who lost his life while fishing last year. Lightning struck his fishing pole.

When dropping anchor at night I hope you check the distance from waterfront homes. Noise and voices carry on the water. Be courteous by playing music low and keeping your voices down. It may be 3 oíclock in the morning and anglers are enjoying themselves but people in the waterfront homes are trying to sleep.

With the occasional rain storms that have ebbed into the Bay area, I find that many fish have migrated into the rivers.

Some people are out just cruising at night and I hope they watch for anglers who are fishing. One angler told me he had come on a school of fish and was just about to pull one in and a boat zipped by him at a high rate of speed and cut his line.

So if cruising at night, watch for anglers and slow down so as not be make a wake when passing them.
I have seen some boaters who think they know the waterways fly by without their lights on. You may know where you are going but anglers may be anchored out there fishing. If you see a boat, turn your light on.

I know people feel free when out on the waterways but remember ďthe hand that controls the throttle, stays off the bottle.Ē Please donít drink and drive!

When fishing, bring all your garbage back to shore with you.

This is the best time of the year to fish. The waterways are swarming with redfish and many catches are being made.

It is snook season but the catches are few and far between. I havenít seen a picture of a catch yet.

Some anglers have told me they have caught a snook or two but they are too small to keep.

Some bass have been caught in the upper freshwater of the rivers.

The pier catches have been drum and sheepshead.

Mangrove snappers have been caught in the channels.

There is no exercise better than casting a fishing line.

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