An Awesome Responsibility to be Role Models

By Dale Morrow

Every once in a while I like to write about someone from my past. Today I want to share a composite of qualities that influenced my life.

Everyday men and women, parents of friends, neighbors, teachers, ministers and local business men and women. Someone from each one of these categories had a direct impact on my character.

These people reacted to me and demonstrated qualities that gave me an example of how I should conduct myself. I was fortunate to grow up in a community with such a wholesome and moral population. I am not so naive to think that there were not some bad people. I was guided somehow not to use those particular people as my role models.

Life has become a little faster paced than it was 40 years ago, but I believe we all still influence the young people in our neighborhoods just as those folks did so many years ago. They helped guide us along. It is an awesome responsibility for us to be role models for our young people, as unknowingly as the people I am referring to. Everyday people are the ones that mold young people into responsible citizens.

We have a legacy to maintain and I know we are up for the challenge. Keep in mind just how important we each are.

The future of our community and our great country rest in the ideals our children see in us.

My "View From The Road" looks very promising when I look at the examples that I had.

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