Remembering 9/11: Small Ceremony Has a Big Impact

By Sidney Wright

RIVERVIEW - With clouded minds and aching hearts, the students of Riverview High School lined both sides of the school’s longest corridor for a presentation of colors by Riverview’s new NJROTC.

The student body fell silent as the school bell tolled nine times signaling a time between when the first and second planes hit the World Trade Center.

After the bell, four members of the color guard proudly marched down the "breezeway" in a ten minute processional that stretched from the auditorium to the gymnasium.

The color guard, led by Regina Ifill, presented the flag at five different points along the route as fellow NJROTC members saluted, and everyone remembered.

"When the color guard marched past, I relived the same feeling that I got the day of the tragedy. It was very sad," stated junior Danielle Bayard.

The ceremony was simple, but it meant much to the students and faculty of RHS, and the rave reviews speak for themselves.

"I have never seen so many students be quiet and respectful. I had goosebumps during the whole walk. What a performance!" exclaimed teacher Paul Mastella.

With painful images flooding their minds, the somber mood and patriotic feeling rippled through the students and faculty. As the American flag waved proudly in the wind, they once again realized that they would never forget September 11, 2001.

Sidney Wright is a student at Riverview High School

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