Richard Is A Devoted Friend

By Dale Morrow

This last week a life long friend (Richard Reeves) had his birthday. I have known Richard for around 43 years. We were next door neighbors, and soon became best of friends shortly after my family moved into our home on Vaughn Street in Gibsonton.

My sister, his sister and Richard were going to the Olive Garden to eat for his birthday celebration. I missed them when I came by, so I left a balloon and a card at the gate to his home. My sister called me later that evening to let me know that he was pleased.

Richard is a devoted friend, he is always thoughtful and is happy to see me every time I go by to see him. When I reflect back on my childhood Richard was always a big part of most of my best moments.

Friends are a valuable commodity, we donít always put enough worth in them until we need them. This friend has never failed me when I have called on him for help. I hope that I have been as good a friend to him.

I am very lucky to have made as many friends as I have. My father once told me, "Try to be as good a friend as you would like to have." I do my best, but only my friends can be the judge of that. Being a good friend can be a burden sometimes, but the rewards are worth it. My "View From The Road" reveals a life long friend.

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