September 11, 2003

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One Day in September

By Mitch Traphagen

RUSKIN - Look at the dateline of this edition of the Observer News. It is a date that now and forever will hold meaning.

There are probably those who just wish it would all go away. The second anniversary of September 11, 2001, means that the images will again be relived on television and in newspapers, the horrible memories of that day will be played again. "Let it go," some may say.

But we canít let it go. Like it or not, that day is a part of us now, it has reshaped this country, it has reshaped the world.  More

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East Bay Junior Saves Three Lives

Luis Montero had never donated blood before and he didnít know what to expect. He did know, however, that he wanted to help out those in need. According to Bloodnet USA, each pint donated may be used to save up to three lives. Montero, a junior at East Bay High School in Gibsonton was among nearly 200 students who donated during a two day visit to the school by Bloodnet USA. Donors must be at least 17 years old and not have donated blood in the past 56 days. For information about donating, call Bloodnet USA at 800-683-8355.

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A Bit of Daytona in Ruskin

Bike Week in Daytona attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and tens of thousands of motorcycles to the city each year. On a significantly smaller scale, several members of the Volusia Owners League, owners of Suzukiís Volusia motorcycle, converged on Ruskin for a group ride on Sept. 7. Some bikes had travelled more than 100 miles to attend. A Harley Davidson, Hondas and other bikes added color to the group. In all nearly 30 bikers stopped for lunch at Bahia Beach Resort and rode through E.G. Simmons Park receiving waves and smiles from those the long line of motorcycles passed. "It was almost like being in a parade, I wished that I had candy to throw out," said one biker.

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The motorcycle has hit the road again.

The series Finding Florida will continue with A Tale of Two Islands.

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In The Archives:

The Changing Face of South Hillsborough:  The rumors are flying about several big box retailers moving into south county. The facts, however, are few. Yet one in every ten new jobs created in the entire nation came from the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan area. South county communities are joining forces to become a strong player in that prospering market. How will all of the changes effect our communities and area businesses and what can south county shoppers expect from the future?

The three-part series is available on the web:

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