Sweet Home Alabama

By Dale Morrow

Interesting people cross my path every week. It seems that I am a magnet for people who are lost in our community and need directions. Some of the other interesting folks just wander into our gates out of curiosity. No matter, they all have interesting stories.

Last Sunday just about the time to close, a young family dropped in to look at some plants. The young mother was looking for a plant from Florida that she could take home to Alabama. I told her the selection was limited unless she kept them inside in the winter. We selected a few things and she made her purchases.

As they prepared to leave we began to talk about their home in Alabama. They described such a wonderful place, they beamed as they described the small farm community and the people they knew. The conversation made me think of the song Sweet Home Alabama.

Things for them had not worked out here and they had struggled a little. They came to terms with all of that and were ready to go back home. Their life touched me for a moment on that Sunday evening and I made new friends. We exchanged e-mail addresses and I hope that we can keep in contact.

Almost every weekend some special people come by to share a piece of themselves with me. What a glorious thing it is to have such a rewarding job.

This week my "View From The Road" has visions of Sweet Home Alabama. 

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