It Is a Subtle Difference

By Dale Morrow

It is late August and I find myself already anticipating the subtle fall breezes. Fall, what a lovely time to look forward to.

Almost everyone who is from somewhere else does not believe Florida has seasonal weather changes. I agree that they are not as drastic and well defined, but nonetheless they are there.

Native Floridians and long time residents know what I am talking about. It is a subtle difference at first. Once in a while it can be dramatic, but usually it starts with a light crisp breeze or a fresh smell. Usually I find myself walking out early in the morning seeking out that simple sign.

So far it has eluded me, or maybe I am a bit to eager for this to happen.

I have noticed the daylight has shortened a little. I have become a bit more sensitive to changes. Iím not to sure if it is old age or my heightened awareness, I think maybe it is my old age, excuse me I mean middle age.

I enjoy all the different seasons, but I believe I enjoy the moment of the change most. Anticipation is a wonderful thing. I wish I could prolong the first moment for little longer. A boy can dream. I eagerly await the changes in my "View From The Road."

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