It's A Great Place To Live

By Dale Morrow

The country flavor of our area is slowly vanishing. The need for new businesses, more schools, wider highways and expanded services has been sweeping south Hillsborough County.

Progress always suits some and frightens others. Remembering how things were is only a luxury of us long time residents. As I grow older I become more nostalgic. I am sure many of you understand where I am coming from.

I realize that the large number of new home owners have limited interest in what it was like so many years ago. I am sure every generation has the same woes about progress. We have many things to be proud of in our history and if we share it tastefully with our new neighbors maybe they will enjoy learning and preserving our heritage.

A big part of why so many people are moving here, is that they found out what we have known for so many years, itís a great place to live.

I reluctantly welcome the changes, but hope we can maintain the charm and friendly attitude that has made this a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

My "View From The Road" is nostalgic this week, while I look to the future.

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