Just Married 70 Years

By Mitch Traphagen  (mitch@observernews.net)

RUSKIN - It was a pivotal year. In 1933, construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Adolph Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany and the United States went off of the gold standard.

Nearly four years into the Great Depression, the year 1933 marked the end of the economic contraction and recovery had begun. It would be nearly a decade, however, before many people could see that.

Prohibition ended in 1933, FDR performed his first Fireside Chat over the radio and Albert Einstein arrived in the U.S. as a refugee from Nazi Germany.

Also in 1933, Walter and Mildred Miller of Ruskin became husband and wife.

On August 17 at the United Methodist Church in Ruskin, the Millerís celebrated 70 years of marriage. Their actual anniversary was August 16.

The couple had one child - a son. He gave his life in the service of our country.

To what does the couple attribute their successful lives together? "Clean living, be good to everybody and take care of yourself," said Mildred.

That and an apparent sense of adventure. It seems that the happy couple in Buckhannon, West Virginia neglected to inform their families about the wedding.

That little tidbit came to light when asking what that day in 1933 was like.

"It was a beautiful day," said Mildred. "We ran off and got married!" No one in their families knew about it.

Shortly afterwards, Mildredís father saw them together and told Mildred, the new Mrs. Miller, to go on home. Mildred did as she was told.

Since a marriage is a legal event and most legal events make the newspapers it wasnít long, however, before the word was out.

Her father threatened to have the marriage annulled but, according to Mildred, eventually forgot all about that. Walter had apparently charmed the family. "They all loved him," she said.

"Weíve had a happy life," Mildred said. "I hadnít given it much thought, we just live day by day."

Their smiles and cheery demeanor also say much about their success and their lives together. In a day when one out of two marriages end in divorce, Walter and Mildred Miller are an inspiration for everyone.

Even after 70 years, it is clear to see that they are a very happily married couple.

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