Time We Spend With Family Enriches Everyone

By Dale Morrow

I usually write my articles on Sunday evenings, that is the end of my work week. Monday and Tuesday are my weekend.

As I write, I am unwinding from my work. There are about 20 things running through my mind just as I sit down to my computer. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to sort them out before I decide what to write about.

Tomorrow, my daughter is coming over and we are going out to breakfast. I am pretty excited about that, I havenít seen her in about a month. We all lead such busy lives. My family is important to me, a month is a long time not to see her.

All of us get caught up in our everyday lives, time gets the best of us. I am lucky, one of my sisters lives close enough that she is able to come by my work and see me every week. My brother lives just a couple of miles from my job, he visits me several times each week. We see each other now more than ever before, since childhood. This has given me the opportunity to become great friends with both of them.

Time that we can spend with family enriches everyone. Our children and friends can see examples in us. My father once told me, "If you can have one or two good friends in your life you will certainly be blessed." My mother advised me to always be a good friend. Following their direction has truly blessed my life.

I share with you, my reader friends, in hopes that you will have a "View From The Road" as beautiful and blessed as mine.

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