I Hope There is a Comprehensive Plan

By Dale Morrow

I occasionally drive to work on the Crosstown Expressway (I am sure it has another name now). The construction is interesting. They are putting an upper level over the existing highway.

The progress seems to moving right along. Maybe all the development in the eastern part of the county has influenced this project. The activity on other highways better get started soon. The new construction will create quite a bottle neck, and coming home from work can be a very slow drive.

I certainly hope that there is a comprehensive plan already developed for the traffic. I am preparing for the worst. Public officials have a long history of getting the cart before the horse.

We will all definitely have more time to enjoy the scenery along the road. I hope everyone’s patience will hold up. Traffic already creates stressful situations, and the situation will not be improving for quite a while.

Now, we must prepare ourselves to enjoy the "View From The Road" at a slower pace.

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