Older Frame Homes Own You

By Dale Morrow

I currently live in an old 1926 vintage bungalow home in Southeast Seminole Heights. My wife and I are in the process of restoring and updating. Restoring the original look while updating the electrical and plumbing.

It is quite an undertaking. Every board that is removed reveals several new projects. It sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. I believe one day I will overcome it and see a very beautiful result.

In the mean time I have become very knowledgeable about home repair.

The continual projects make me envious of all the new home buyers that are moving to our area. The stories they have are interesting and maybe inconvenient for them, but try over coming a 77- year-old wood frame house.

The new homes at least when completed will give you several years of limited maintenance problems.

The older frame homes own you, you donít own them. I will struggle with my repairs and I will be proud of my accomplishments.

But my "View From The Road" will probably be "My Old House" for about another year.

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