Take a Dip

By Karey Burek

It is HOT!  As temperatures keep rising, it is no wonder that people as well as animals are looking for an oasis to cool down.  In balmy weather, where you break a sweat walking to your car, it is impossible to think about how it must feel to have a feather or fur coat.  Animals living in our climate have to deal with this on a daily basis.  But, we can do something to create a cool and comfy respite.

National Wildlife and Home Depot have teamed up to offer a way to create a pond in your yard.  This is a great way to provide drinking and bathing water for all of our exquisite wildlife guests.  A pond will create a unique and important habitat for insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Some of you are thinking about how difficult it will be to create this oasis for wildlife.  National Wildlife has got you covered!  They have come up with an easy to install pond kit available at Home Depot Stores nationwide.  There is a basin that is 3-foot by 2-foot, and holds 30-gallons of water.  This is an excellent size for dragonflies as well as birds and frogs.  National Wildlife also suggests using aquatic plants, such as water lilies or grasses.  

These kits come fully equipped with a water pump, filter and two fountain nozzles to regulate the flow of water moving through the pond.  This helps to create a constantly circulating body of water so mosquitoes donít have the opportunity to breed.

For more information, stop by your local Home Depot where these kits can be found!  Happy Habitat Building!

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