Evaluate the Trees Around Your Property

By Dale Morrow

The weather is playing an important role in all of our lives lately. The rain and the wind has caused an increase in tree damage. The rain contributes the most. Older trees that have become weak from age and disease collect moisture in the foliage and new growth adds weight. The added weight to already stressed limbs makes them break under the pressure.

All over our area trees have been loosing limbs, falling and causing damage to property and people.

Last week, I was forced to have two Laurel Oaks removed from my yard. They were probably more than 150 years old. The dropping of limbs threatened my home and my neighbors. The cost of this project was very high but, compared to the potential loss of property or life it was a bargain.

We should all evaluate the trees around our property and anticipate the potential threat. Hurricane season is here and I am more comfortable about our safety, now that the trees are no longer a threat. Seek professional advice, donít remove trees that truly are no threat. Certified Arborists are available to consult you on this matter. It will give you peace of mind and safety. I am fortunate that I work for a certified arboristís. His advise has helped me make informed decisions.

My "View From the Road" has two less oak trees, but my peace of mind is great.

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