July 24, 2003

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Beware the Quick Cash - New Ways to Empty Your Wallet

By Mitch Traphagen

SUN CITY CENTER - Itís gotten to the point that itís not uncommon anymore. Multi-state mega-lotteries are giving away hundreds of millions of dollars. Even the Florida Lottery has worked to up the ante and provide bigger prizes. They have discovered, it seems, that people find more "value" in buying tickets for really big money. Six million dollars just isnít enough to risk a dollar on, apparently.

So if a very official looking letter arrives from a lottery commission in Spain describing, in detail, your winnings of, say, $614,810, well, thatís just not too far fetched. It happens all the time - it could be true. It could be your lucky day.  More

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Chamber Notes - Southshore Directory

By Daniel Kushmer

Several years ago, the four chambers of commerce representing SouthShore formed an alliance. Apollo Beach, Riverview, Ruskin, and Sun City Center understood the need to market our area collectively and by doing so two committees came from this alliance. The economic development and marketing committee have been working diligently on research, development, and projects that show SouthShore in a positive light. More

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There are two common sayings that came to mind for this story. The first is, "Traveling by sailboat is the most expensive way to travel third class." If that is true, then traveling by motorcycle is an expensive way to travel in the cargo hold. The second is familiar to visitors and newcomers: "You have to see the REAL Florida." Well, where is the REAL Florida? Armed with an old motorcycle, body armor, helmet and gloves, I went in search of the REAL Florida. Incredibly enough, I found it. Finding Florida: Coming up in the Observer News.

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The Changing Face of South Hillsborough:  The rumors are flying about several big box retailers moving into south county. The facts, however, are few. Yet one in every ten new jobs created in the entire nation came from the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan area. South county communities are joining forces to become a strong player in that prospering market. How will all of the changes effect our communities and area businesses and what can south county shoppers expect from the future?

The three-part series is available on the web:

Part 1 - Welcome to SouthShore
Part 2 - Meet the Neighbors
Part 3 - It's a Bird!  It's a Plane!  It's a Home Depot!


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