Contribute to the Beauty

By Dale Morrow

Everyday I meet new families moving into our area. On the weekends it seems like most of the people that come into the tree farm where I work, are having a new home built.

The weekends are when they come to check on the progress of the construction. They stop by to see what trees and plants they can add to their landscape after they close on the new home they have selected. The standard package of plants and trees seems to be very basic and most of the people want to make their landscape unique from the neighbors.

Most of the buyers are smart enough to know that if they up grade the landscaping it will cost more to buy plants from the builder than it does from a nursery and they don't have to include it in their thirty year mortgage. Imagine how much your trees would cost if you finance them for that long.

The people that come by to see us are pretty sharp and already have an idea of what they would like in their yard. Those that are not sure can have one of our experts help them with their plan and their plant selection.

With the increase of new homes coming our way it is nice to know that most of them want to contribute to the beauty of our community by landscaping and planting trees. This also helps our environment by producing more oxygen for all of us to enjoy.

My "View From The Road" is becoming a little more crowded but a lot more beautiful.

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