New Species

By Karey Burek

Recently, a new species of jellyfish has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean.  This species of jellyfish is red in color and has thick tentacles with very prominent wart-like stingers covering them.  The jellyfish has been nicknamed "big red" but the lifestyle, life cycle and habits of this creature are still unknown.  Marine biologists still have no clue as to what it eats, how it reproduces or how to tell if it is male or female.  This specie has been found a mile below the surface off the coast of San Francisco, Hawaii and Japan.

The republic of Congo in central Africa is home to a group of never-before-seen apes that are leaving many scientists wondering if they even exist.  Some scientists believe that there is a new subspecies of ape living in the jungle.   However, no one can pinpoint them.  They nest on the ground like gorillas, but have features and characteristics of the chimpanzee.  Four years ago, a wildlife photographer found several ground nests and DNA analysis of hairs indicated that the animal is from the chimp family and it eats fruit like chimpanzees.  However, a skull that was found was crested like a gorilla and lives on the ground rather than in trees.

It is astounding to think that even though we have such a rich variety of plant and animal life, that there is still more out there that has yet to be discovered!

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