Get Well, Patsy

By Dale Morrow

Word came to me this week of the serious medical condition of a family member of my previous wife. I seldom have the opportunity to visit with this family and it seems the only time is the occasion of sickness or a funeral.

It has been many years since I enjoyed the company of these fine people. I took the time to go to Lakeland where this lady is in the hospital to offer my love and prayers to her and her family. The warmth and love that was shown to me was overwhelming. Even though she was in Critical Care the family gave me the opportunity to visit briefly with her. She was unable to communicate but I felt as though she recognized me. I was so honored that her family still cares enough about me to include me in this very difficult time.

My love for the people in this family has never subsided. I have written in the past about the mother and father of this lady, Garland and Nellie Capps (both deceased), their beauty and kindness still lives on through their children and their families. Their daughter, Patsy Maxwell is seriously ill in Lakeland and needs all of your good thoughts and prayers. Please join me in prayer to help her and her family through this difficult time.

It is not the type of thing I write about normally, but sometimes we need reminding of people in our past that still are a part of us. I am happy that they still consider me a part of their family. My "View From The Road" will be much improved when Patsy is back to her healthy and happy self.

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