Ruskin Chamber Notes

By Daniel Kushmer
Executive Director of the Ruskin Chamber of Commerce

Happy Birthday America! Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence freeing our nation from oppression and tyranny. Compared to other nations around the world, the United States of America is considered a toddler; however, this nation is educated far beyond our youthful exterior.

Visionaries, that is the best way to describe the founders of this great nation. Vision for the present and the future somehow knowing what life would be like in 2003. I have sat in amazement while reading the history books (ones that truly reflect our nations history) many times wondering how the founders could have understood all that could have gone wrong in our nation and addressing them in our Constitution.

What makes us unique is our Constitution and itís hard to imagine a document written so long ago can still hold so much relevance. Our Constitution is a document second to none; no other nation has experienced such a prolonged period of freedom than ours. No other nation encourages a freewill, able to accept ideas and thoughts from the common citizen. No other nation is able and especially willing to send our men and women into battle to protect others from oppression and abuse.

We live in the greatest nation on this planet and on this Independence Day I will proudly display the flag, eat a hot dog, and watch the fireworks while celebrating our freedom. All because of what happened 227 years ago.

Yes, our forefathers had a vision, a vision of freedom that sets our nation apart from the rest of the world. A vision founded on the principle of hard work, family values, freedom to worship as each individual sees fit, and the freedom to speak out. God Bless and Happy Birthday America!

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