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GIBSONTON: Gibsonton Elementary adopts LiveSchool ‘House’

Published on: August 1, 2018

Gibsonton Elementary to begin new LiveSchool ‘House’ program

By Stephen Flanagan Jackson

Gibsonton Elementary School is excited and proud to announce a new program for students, teachers, parents and faculty. 

According to fifth-grade teacher Virginia Santesteban, under the new powerful leadership of Principal Cindy Guy and Assistant Principal Candice Dodd, in tandem with faculty, Gibsonton Elementary has a goal of increasing academic performance, attendance, parent participation and positive behaviors. 

Gibsonton Elementary will be starting a “House” program similar to those started in schools overseas. In an attempt to make every child feel valued and an important part of the school climate, each grade level will be their own House and will be earning points for attendance, academic growth, parent participation, and positive behaviors.  Points are tallied up in real time and the House with the highest point value at the end of each month will win a celebration.

This new House system has proven to have a great effect on students and school morale. A key ingredient to this program being a success is the use of a brand new software program called “LiveSchool.” The Gibsonton Elementary PTA generously donated the funds to bring this software to the school.  It has a live portal for parents where school parents can stay in constant contact with the teacher and see how their child is doing as the day progresses.  Students are awarded points, which lead to peers motivating each other to do well. 

The House committee puts together monthly rewards for the House with the highest points. Santesteban said the greatest part of the software is that it records points in real time, so students gain immediate understanding of how their behavior affects their House.  The software plays live on their school-wide internal-TV show throughout the day. 

Each House will have its own colored Spirit T-shirt.  “We are reaching out to The Observer News community for support to fund these Spirit T-shirts, according to Santesteban. “Our goal is to raise $2,625 so that every child can have their very own colored Spirit House T-Shirt.  These shirts will be worn every Friday, at field trips and during rallies.  

“Spirit Shirts will cost around $5 per child.  We are hoping for one super-generous donor or multiple smaller donors as well as single-child sponsors. You also have the opportunity to  sponsor one full House at $500 and be that House’s sponsor for the year,” adds the fifth-grade teacher, urging the public to look below at their various options and either call the Gibsonton Elementary School House Committee Leader, Virginia Santesteban at 813-442-1213 or by email at, or send your check to the school address: 7723 Gibsonton Drive, Gibsonton, FL  33534.  Indicate your area of sponsorship interest in the memo.  

Santesteban said the Gibsonton Elementary School hopes to raise funds very quickly to kickoff the year in color and in spirit. School begins on Aug. 10.