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Letters to the Editor October 12, 2017

Published on: October 12, 2017

Location, Location, Location

Having written an editorial last month on speeding traffic within Sun City Center and suggesting the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department set up speed traps on both Pebble Beach Drive and Del Webb Blvd., there has been some development. Unfortunately the speed traps have been set up on Cypress Village Blvd. instead of the two speedway boulevards in SCC.  Although there is no measureable amount  of golf carts, bicycle or senior citizen activity on Cypress Village Blvd., unlike the two main Boulevards in SCC. The county must have thought there was something more important going on in the Ruskin community. While the early-morning commercial vehicles speed through our community at 40-plus mph I guess we just have to wait for a fatality to occur before anything will be done. This is how it’s done for budgetary reasons these days. Wait for a fatality that gets lots of news coverage and then the problem will be fixed. Watch your back with those speeders; you may be the one to help remedy the problem.

B. Kelly, Sun City Center

On language in the U.S.

I am beyond angry. Yesterday, I accessed a voice mail on my phone, and to my surprise it was in “SPANISH.” After listening to it and not understanding one word, the message finally continued in English and prompted me to press “1”  for English. It turned out to be an appointment reminder from one of my doctors.

Now my question is, what the blazes has happened to our country?? This is outrageous!

How about turning that scenario around. The initial message is in ENGLISH, and if you need to hear it in Spanish, then you are instructed to press “1” for Spanish.

Or better yet immigrants should learn English.

I immigrated from Germany with very limited English when I was 11 years old, at which time I was placed in first grade in a school in Chicago. I learned English as I went from grade to grade, took my citizenship test in English (not Spanish or some other language) and passed it with flying colors.

Now having said that, I know we have bigger issues to deal with in this country, but this experience was totally annoying and aggravating!

And believe me, I absolutely plan on bringing this subject up when I go for my appointment.

Uta Kuhn, Sun City Center