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Letters to the Editor September 21, 2017

Published on: September 21, 2017

Sun Towers Retirement Community makes room for couple in need

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Merry reached out for assistance on behalf of a local Sun City Center couple who lost power due to Hurricane Irma when they were most in need.

John Andrews has had a pacemaker since February 2014, which has a device that must be plugged into a functioning outlet in order to monitor his heart during sleep. Before he received his pacemaker, his sleep study showed his heart stopping over 300 times while he was asleep, so the need to maintain power was evident.

The team at Sun Towers immediately reached out to Rent King for assistance to furnish a vacant apartment in time for John and Carmen Andrews’ arrival that very afternoon.

The Andrews wish to thank Sun Towers Retirement Community and their wonderful team along with Deputy Jeff Merry, Debbie Vijil, HCSO Community Service Officer, and the team at Rent King for the use of their very comfortable furniture for their accommodations during the power outage.

Debbie Caneen
Director of Admissions, Sun Towers Retirement Community

Gratitude after Irma at Freedom Plaza

As residents of Freedom Plaza in Sun City Center, we want to commend the management and staff for its execution of readiness plans as Hurricane Irma approached.  Early in the week, our executive director addressed anxious residents, who were relieved to hear how our safety and needs would be met; the execution of the plan was exemplary.  Managers continued to meet in the wee hours and adjusted the plan as needed. Residents were kept informed by daily communications including flyers and phone calls.  Camaraderie and calm prevailed as meals were delivered and individual needs were addressed.  We were blessed both by the fact that the hurricane lessened as it approached and by the exceptional execution of an exceptional plan.  There is no place like home at Freedom Plaza/Sun City Center.

Evelyn Lunsford
Judith Michael