New company makes moving a breeze for seniors

Published on: September 7, 2017


Paula Moore opened Sunshine Senior Movers LLC in March to help elderly residents downsize and move to a smaller home or assisted living facility.

Moving can be a daunting experience for anyone, let alone someone who’s elderly. The very thought of having to go through all your belongings, choose which things to pack, move and then unpack can be quite intimidating.

That’s why Paula Moore founded Sunshine Senior Movers LLC in March. She describes it as a total move management company that specializes in helping the elderly downsize and move into a smaller home or assisted living, and then set up everything when they get there.

Moore, a Fort Lonesome resident who lives on a couple of acres with two dogs, two cats, two horses, two chickens and a pony, is known by many in the area as the owner of Paula’s Pampered Pets, a pet-sitting service she’s operated since 2002.

“Last fall, some of my pet-sitting clients who were ready to downsize and move into assisted living asked if I could spare some time to help them,” Moore said. “I already had moved my mother to Aston Gardens, so I began thinking that this kind of service could be a business.”

With her 15 years of experience owning a small company and working for years as an operations manager for a major retailer, Moore knew she had the organizational, time management and customer-service skills to start a new company.

And the more she talked to people about her idea, she recognized a great need in the community for a business like Sunshine Senior Movers.

“I feel God led me to do this,” she said. “So many of the elderly need to move but are overwhelmed by the thought of it. They have no idea of even where to start.”

Although Moore doesn’t do the actual moving, she totally organizes the process from start to finish.

Her company, Sunshine Senior Movers, provides any or all the following services:

• Organizing or downsizing a household

• Fully and carefully packing all belongings

• Sorting through old paperwork with the client and determining what should be kept

• Providing totes to save money on boxes

• Providing a list of area movers

• Coordinating the move day with movers and the new place of residence

• Making beds and setting up the bathroom and kitchen at the client’s new residence, even hanging a few photos or setting up the TV or internet modem.

• Returning to the vacated home to clean and make it ready to sell or rent.

“The elderly often remain in their homes much too long because they feel helpless about moving and don’t know where to turn,” Moore said. “They can turn to me. I can help.”

“I can also help someone who wants to stay in their home declutter and organize their belongings,” she added. “If a person wants to age in place in their own home, I can help make their life simpler.

Moore also rearranges furniture to accommodate folks with assistive devices like walkers or wheelchairs.

Doris Merkowitz recently hired Moore to help get her organized.

“Paula has taken care of my pets for many years, so I know her really well,” the 82-year-old Ruskin resident said. “Now she’s helping me downsize and giving me tips on what to keep, sell or donate. “I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s trustworthy, fair and very helpful.”

Jo-Ann Duffy agrees.

When Duffy moved, after her husband died, from Sun City Center to Pompano Beach to live with her son Bill and his wife, Moore’s services were invaluable.

“I’ve known Paula for more than 10 years. She’s become a good friend,” Duffy said. “I just can’t say enough about her or what she does. She’s just wonderful.”

Seniors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Moore’s services.

“Anyone who wants to get better organized, needs to downsize or doesn’t want to deal with the headaches of moving should give me a call,” she said.

Sunshine Senior Movers LLC, a member of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce, is licensed, bonded and insured. For a free consultation, estimate or more information, call 813-924-1601 or 813-634-8894. References are available.