Letters to the editor; August 3, 2017

Published on: August 3, 2017

Opioid epidemic

Today’s headlines are focused on how the “Opioid Epidemic” is ruining the lives of those that became addicted to pain killers of various types.  Doctors may prescribe a limited amount of pain killing drugs to only those with severe acute pain and those with terminal ailments.  Now project experiencing such pain lasting years or perhaps a lifetime, living daily with ailments that can’t be specifically diagnosed or cured. Severe chronic pain not only disables one physically, but also mentally wears the patient out. Knowing that you can get some temporary relief during the day by taking an opioid may give the sufferer something to look forward to, perhaps a time for exercise, or enjoying others’ company. It’s a shame that doctors know they are under the microscope if they prescribe an opioid prescription, and most are brainwashed to believe that opioids are evil, addictive and have no value in chronic pain applications.

I, for one, would like to see chronic pain sufferers included on the panels that make the decisions for opioid legislation. If you haven’t walked a mile in a chronic pain sufferer’s shoes you don’t have a clue about the positive value opioids offer.

Bob Scher
Wimauma, Florida

No wake violators

As a resident on the Ruskin Inlet, I am frustrated with the no wake violators. It seems no one has any respect for laws or their neighbors property. Most of us are constantly battling erosion, damage to our vessels and docks. Boaters just disregard the law. Many of us have videotaped the violators, have asked them to slow down which most of the time they either ignore or flip us off and begged authorities for help. Hours of calls to the FWC and HCSO have proved to be worthless. They listen but then, do nothing. We are told to call when there are violators. The problem is  the violators are gone within minutes, but they say call and they will call dispatch. Still shake my head at that logic of that one. The county will not help their citizens, and we are taxpayers too. It seems they are only interested in the check we send each year for our taxes. I did see where our stormwater runoff assessment has increased so more money to the county; deaf ears to the citizens.

One solution is to close Commongood Park boat ramp . It would eliminate many of the violators. E.G. Simmons has a ramp and would be a very viable option.

We are taxpayers yet the FWC and HCSO will not do anything about the problem, neither will Hillsborough county.  So, please boaters, please slow down. The Inlet is not “minimum wake” it is “no wake.” Please have some respect for the folks and property on the inlet.


Thank you

On Friday, July 21, our house at 1401 Jacobson Circle, in Sun City Center, was struck by lightning and caught on fire. We were not home at the time, and so escaped any injury from the electric charge. Fortunately, a passing couple, Louis Rodriguez  and his fiancée Isabell Ramirez, saw the fire and turned our two water hoses on the flames. Another man (name unknown) called 9-1-1.

Three fire companies responded, Station 28, Sun City Center, (Engine, Truck and Rescue units), Station 17, Ruskin, (Engine 17 Unit),  Station 22, Wimauma, (Engine 22 Unit), and the Battalion Chief. One group of firemen entered the house, moved the furniture to a safe place, and covered everything with fire and waterproof covers, while the rest fought the fire.

To all the firemen, who not only risked their lives, but worked in extreme heat to save our home, words cannot express our gratitude.  Their professionalism and courtesy was top notch. The Fire Chief said another five minutes delay would have resulted in a total loss of the house.

Even our neighbors have been great in offering shelter, food, and anything else we need.

Lastly, our insurance company, People’s Trust, and their helpers, Rapid Response, have been magnificent in relocating us, starting on the repairs, and making us feel as  though their main job is to make us completely restored.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who went out of their way to help strangers in need. The combination of all these people saved our house from total destruction.

Thanks again to all of you for helping us through a very difficult situation.

Larry and Sharon Crabtree
Sun City Center