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Letters to the Editor July 20, 2017

Published on: July 20, 2017

Thank you, Observer News

I would like to pass on a thank you to your newspaper for an article posted in the Observer News on June 22 by Holly Wagner, about our group, Navy Seabee Island X-16 Sun City Center, Fla. Thanks to the article we had a husband and wife who just moved to SCC, saw the article and became new members of our group. One member returned and renewed his membership. The article was great. Finally we are being known to other Seabee veterans who live in SCC and the surrounding area, all thanks to your paper. Not much is known about the Navy Seabees but with the help of the Observer News, they will get to know us and be a part of our veterans organization. Our motto, “We Build, We Fight, Can Do.” Once a Seabee, always a Seabee. From our officers and membership, thank you all for the article.

Frank J. Stulic, Jr.

Secretary, Seabee Island X-16

Sun City Center

‘Trouble’ is home

On July 7, my mother’s cat, “Trouble” escaped. He is a 15-year-old indoor only cat. I, along with many friends and family, searched for him for over a week. Yesterday, July 14, the mailman told a neighbor that he saw him and where. After searching, we were unable to find him. Five minutes later, I got another call saying they saw him in a yard. Trouble is now home. A huge thank you to the mailman, to Bill and Eileen and to all of our friends for making this a happy ending. Thanks to all the neighbors who called with their concern.

P.S. My mother will turn 92 on July 23. Finding Trouble was the best gift anyone could have given her.

Rosie Elam

Sun City Center