Letters to the Editor: May 4, 2017

Published on: May 4, 2017


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Golf cart, motor vehicle drivers

Dear Editor,

After reading the Letter to the Editor today (from Paul Courter) and Dana Dittmar’s column last week, I felt I must write to you.

I have often stated that a lot of Florida traffic problems would be solved if the “cops” got out there and issued tickets — or even towed the illegal golf carts from Wawa or anywhere else they are illegally.  If people (both golf cart drivers and motor vehicle drivers) get enough tickets, they will cease doing a lot of the illegal traffic activity in this area.

The innocent should not be punished for the acts of a few.  In addition, the golf cart drivers are doing a lot of things wrong that motor vehicle drivers are also doing:  No turn signals, illegal parking, running red lights, etc. It’s quite a change from Central New York where we saw the cops out ticketing people on all roads regularly ticketing drivers for failure to use turn signals, speeding, running red lights, reckless driving, etc.  Where are the “cops” in Florida?  You only seem to see them at the scene of accidents.

Susan Grosskopf, SCC


Hungry children in our area

Dear Editor,

How sad to read about childhood hunger in your April 27 edition. The article, Cereal for summer, states “one in four children in our area suffers from hunger during the summer because they are not getting meals at school.” This is a disgraceful situation.

Donating breakfast items is noble and charitable, but it does not solve the problem of parents seeing their children go hungry. Why can’t something be done to help those parents practice birth control?

Luisa Rodriguez Reagan, SCC


Keeping our golf cart privileges

Dear Editor

I wonder how many cars have accidents on S.R. 674 that are driven by Sun City Center residents and visitors. We don’t threaten to remove driving privileges if drivers are in an accident, do we?

Then why do some people threaten golf cart drivers — all of them, all the time — about losing privileges?

The right to use golf carts and to lay out specific paths were negotiated between some very hardworking people of the Community Association. It took many years and every step and extension of a path was approved by the county and state.

Get out a map to see where you and your visitors are allowed to travel and find out what hours are permissible.

We have enormous numbers of seniors who have only a cart to drive. Each cart misjudgment is noticed and jeopardizes privileges for everyone.

Lezlie Pitzer, SCC